Exploding Whale Sports
July 14, 2016

Chris Jonson

Longtime Siuslaw Vikings coach Chris Johnson has been named the school’s athletic director, principal Kerri Tatum announced Wednesday.

Corky Franklin, who was appointed athletic director in June, will continue as the high school’s vice principal while being the “administer in charge of athletics.”

“Essentially, (Johnson and Franklin) will work together to handle all things athletic at the high school,” Tatum announced in an email to the Siuslaw News, Coast Radio and Exploding Whale Sports.

“The AD will report directly to the vice principal, which will create a clean line of responsibility and duty for students, parents and coaches,” she wrote. “All athletic discipline will be handled by the vice principal, which will keep all discipline with one person.”

Tatum noted Johnson’s 21 years of experience as an English teacher, as well as his highly successful career as the cross-country and track-and-field coach for the Vikings.

“Chris is well respected in our town and across the state,” Tatum wrote, “and (he) will bring his excellent communication and organizational skills to all of our athletic programs.

“I am pleased to announce him as our new athletic director.”

Johnson, who will continue to coach, officially will be a Teacher on Special Assignment in assuming the duties of athletic director.

Jeromy Graybill, athletic director the past two school years, resigned to return to full-time teaching.