Hi there SABC members,

At the September meeting we discussed the following:

2016-2017 Goals – We are committed to keeping our $3000 scholarships for our graduating student athletes and maintaining at least $8000 in the Ian Foster Memorial Scholarship Fund to Middle and High School athletes. We also voted to reserve $20,000 for Improvement Funds. We are exploring the idea of a Booster Club facility that may house the Hall of Fame memorabilia near the football/track field and/or some other way to display our Hall of Fame inductees.

We are looking for committee members for the following:

1. Research committee on the viability of a Booster club facility on school property. We need people to contact the school district, alumni, local businesses and volunteers. Please contact Gina Castro Brandt at gcastrobrandt@siuslaw.k12.or.us

2. Fundraising committee to explore the feasibility of a summer basketball or volleyball tournament. Please contact Bob Teter at bob.teter@gmail.com

3. Fundraising committee to explore a Bingo night at Three Rivers. Please contact Corky Franklin at cfranklin@siuslaw.k12.or.us

4. Fall Fun Run for mid November. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Rachelle Campbell at rachellemcampbell@gmail.com

We are still displaying gym signs in the Glen Butler Gymnasium.

Vice President, Jennifer Waggoner will be exploring a Fall membership event, so keep reading your SABC emails. To keep the club running smoothly, we need volunteers. Thank you, in advance for your continued support of our student athletes!

PS- The office of president is still vacant.

Thank you, Gina Castro Brandt (Past President)