Nike Shoes for a Year!
Enjoy Coach Johnson’s inside track at Nike and be treated like a Superstar. You get to order a pair Nike shoes of your choice 6 times throughout the year (for a total of six (6) pairs of shoes.) You just email “your guy” and if they have what you want in stock, they will order and ship directly to you.
Chris Johnson

Wild Alaska Fish
Wild Alaska Fish!
The Dan Waggoner family caught fish off the coast of Prince of Wales Island in SE Alaska the first week of August. They brought home a fifty-pound box of fresh frozen halibut and salmon just for you. All fish is vacuum packed and can be delivered to your freezer.
Dan and Jennifer King Waggoner

The annual Siuslaw Athletic Booster Club dinner and auction will be a “Booster Barn Bash” on August 20 at the King family barn 5 miles up the North Fork.

For information or to donate, contact Jennifer King Waggoner at 541.520.1255 or

Directions and Parking:
There is plenty of parking by the barn-carpool and drive with a designated driver if you can.
The barn is located 5 miles up the North Fork. Follow the signs! Just past the five mile marker,take the first driveway to the LEFT up the hill to the barn. Watch for parking signs.
You can swing in front of the barn to drop off guests, then park if walking is an issue. Otherwise, please follow parking signs and attendants.
Shuttles will be leaving from the Three Rivers Casino Resort parking lot from 3:45 to 5:00, approximately every 15 minutes. Return shuttles will leave the barn every 15 minutes, starting immediately upon conclusion of the auction.