The August 11th Siuslaw Athletic Booster Club (SABC) dinner & auction had over 250 in attendance and raised an estimated $40,000 for local middle school and high school athletes and athletics. This is the Club’s 14th year of hosting this event which consistently raises $25,000 to $50,000 annually and has become the “event of the summer”. The Club would like to thank those who donated and worked tirelessly on this year’s event which would not have been possible without such generosity and talent.

The Booster Club donates to the high school and middle school sports programs in three significant ways. First, the club donates toward the actual cost of many of the school sports programs, providing additional funding where the district may fall short. This results in the SABC providing about 20% of the total athletic funding.

Next, in the 2017-2018 school year the Ian Foster Fund awarded scholarships to over 100 Siuslaw Middle School & High School students. These are students could not have participated without this financial assistance. This fund is a very important tool for coaches and a project near and dear to the Club’s heart.

Finally, SABC assists in many school sports projects including special needs, uniforms, equipment & more! The Club is here to help and to partner with local coaches to foster successful athletics programs and successful individuals.

In our small community, athletics provides positive opportunities for a large number of students as well as an important opportunity for the community to gather together. But, this can’t be done without the support from parents and the community. Currently, the “active” membership base has dwindled and there is a need for more “time and talent” from the current and new members to keep the Club thriving. If you are a Middle School or High School parent or guardian, or feel a connection to our local schools, please consider attending meetings and learning more about the great mission of the Siuslaw Athletic Booster Club. Monthly meetings are held the last Monday of the month at 6:30 pm. Contact Steve Moser, President, for additional information at

One by one, we each make a difference.